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This uses the general definition for the likelihood ratio of test result R, LR(R), as the probability of the test result in disease, P(R|D+), divided by the probability of the test result in non-disease, P(R|D-).

Confidence Level (e.g., 0.95)

Total number
Total with result R
P(R|D+) or P(R|D-)0.7500.250

LR(R)Confidence Interval
3.0003.000 -- 3.000

Reference: Simel DL, Samsa GP, Matchar DB. J Clin Epidemiol. 44(8):763-70.

Z 0.00
ln(LR) 1.099
Variance of ln(LR) 0.033
SD of ln(LR) 0.183
ln(Lower Bound of CI) 1.099
ln(Upper Bound of CI) 1.099
Lower Bound of CI 3.000
Upper Bound of CI 3.000